Radically expanding access to
high-quality courses and great teachers

Bringing together the best of online and in-person learning

Why Stepmojo?

We offer live, synchronous classes

We know that most students struggle with passive, asynchronous learning. We combine high-quality curriculum and course design with live instruction from top educators from across the country.  Students also receive in-person support from a trained learning coach.

We curate from the top 10%
of online learning providers

Stepmojo vets courses from a wide-range of existing providers and only offers the highest-quality options from providers who are the experts in their subject areas. We offer 40+ high-interest courses that prepare students for the college and career paths of their dreams.  Schools get the benefits of multiple partnerships in one.

We help schools meet
their highest priority needs

We partner with schools and districts so that they can tap into a national pool of highly effective teachers and broaden their course offerings to better meet student interests and needs. Our team provides training and coaching to support the on-site implementation.


Thoughtfully designed curriculum taught by outstanding educators

What Students Say

I like this class because I am really interested in the content - and the teacher is cool.

My Stepmojo teacher is respectful and can explain things so that I can understand pretty quickly.

It’s always fun to have conversations with my classmates and teacher. Even though we’re doing work here, we’re still able to laugh and have fun.

I like how professional and engaging the online class is.

Our Course Partners

Stepmojo partners with the best synchronous content providers
in the country to create a diverse course catalog

Frequently Asked Questions