About Us

Stepmojo supports students to take steps to increase their mojo (special talents). Our goal is to provide students everywhere with more equitable access to exceptional content and teachers – giving them more agency to pursue personal interests, further academic goals, and explore potential college and career paths.

We help schools connect their students to amazing online learning opportunities from our carefully chosen and vetted course partners. Using the latest technology, Stepmojo can also help schools overcome staffing challenges and navigate the logistics with ease.

Our goal is to radically expand access to high-quality, high-interest courses for all students, empowering them to pursue their personal interests, further their academic goals, and explore potential career paths.

Our Story

Our CEO Dacia Toll was leading a network of high-performing public schools for two decades when she heard an earful from her high school students in the spring of 2021: they wanted more – more choice, more agency and more opportunities to obtain meaningful credentials. Simultaneously, the disruption of the pandemic and the innovation it necessitated had also opened the door to a new sense of possibility. Dacia and many of other system leaders across the country strived to use this moment not just to recover but to reimagine and reinvent high school.

Stepmojo was founded by former educators who believe that the future of high school should be hybrid, personalized, and boundless in order to provide truly equitable access to the college and career preparation all students need and want. Students want the best of both worlds: a strong, in-person learning community AND a wide selection of high-interest courses taught by great teachers. We imagine a world where all students have the access and agency to pursue their individual passions and interests, develop meaningful competencies, and obtain relevant college and career credentials. They can learn from and with great educators and fellow students from different backgrounds and time zones at school, at home and over the summer.

Our Core Values